Exercise Library

Here you will find a plethora of exercises for runners. This includes exercises that focus on strength, flexibility, stability, mobility, and endurance. These exercises are arranged alphabetically with videos on top.


Alternating Lunge Backs: Strength, Lower Extremity

Burpees:Plyometric, Total Body

Chair Pose: Yoga, Lower Extremity Endurance

Clock Lunges: Strength, Lower Extremity

Double Squats with Band: Strength, Lower Extremity

Downward Dog to Chuttarunga: Yoga, Posterior Chain Flexibility to Core/Upper Extremity Endurance

Jump Plank: Plyometric, Core

Lunge Jumps: Plyometric, Lower Extremity

Pillow Plank Walk Up: Stability, Core

Plank with Alternating Leg Lift: Stability, Core

Shoulder Tap Plank: Stability, Core

Side Plank with Knee Drive: Stability, Core

Side Plank with Rotation: Stability, Core

Side Stepping with Squats: Strength, Lower Extremity

Snow Angel Plank: Stability, Core

Squat Jumps: Plyo, Lower Extremity

Squat Sidestepping: Strength, Lower Extremity

Triangle to Revolving Triangle: Yoga, Lower Extremity/ Upper Back Flexibility

Walking Lunge Taps: Strength/Mobility, Total Body

Warrior II to Triangle: Yoga, Lower Extremity Flexibility

Warrior III: Yoga, Lower Extremity Balance and Endurance


Ball in Wall Mini Squat: BallinWallMiniSquat_Fotor

-Place Swiss Ball at hip level. Lift right leg (leg closest to ball) then push hips into ball without leaning. Next do a mini squat on left leg and come back up.




Body Saw Planks :BodySawPlank_Fotor

-Start in forearm plank position. Next Push through your toes so that your shoulders go over your hand. Then drop your heels down so that your shoulders go back.


Box Jumps:


-Start in squat position. Explode up on to box landing in a squat.


*Do not land with straight legs



Dead Bugs: Deadbugs20140818_193055_Fotor_Collage_Fotor

-Begin by pressing all 4 limps in to ball as shown. Next extend opposite arm/leg out as shown. While other 2 limps are still squeezing ball.

*make sure you back is not arched off floor

Elevated Push Ups:


-Start on a elevated surface with arms shoulder width apart. Do a push up making sure do bend elbows all the way.



Forearm Plank:


-On form arms, Hips and shoulders should be level. With glutes and quads tight.


Functional Row:  functionalrow

-Begin with having one band anchored in front of you at elbow height and one band anchored behind at elbow height. Start with feet hip width apart and left leg in front of right leg. Pull band with left hand like a row while pushing band in right hand out at the same time. Return to start. Repeat on other side.


Inch Worms: InchWorm_Fotor

-Begin in high plank position. Next Walk toes up to hands. Then walk hands out in front of you until you return to plank position and repeat.





Knee Tucks: KneeTucks

-Start in high plank position on Swiss Ball. Next Pull ball under your hips as you stick butt in air.





Lat Swim Wall Stretch: Lat_Fotor

-With back flat against wall. Extend arm over head leading with thumb. Keep arm close to ear and elbow straight






Low Ab Pick Ups:LowerAbPickUps_Fotor_Collage_Fotor

-Start with legs on swiss ball squeeze swiss ball with legs. Then lift legs up.







Lunge Back to Single Leg RDL:


-Start with weight in right hand. Lunge back with right leg. Push back up then immediately hinge on Left hip reaching down with weight.







Lunge with Medicine Ball Twist:


-Start with Medicine Ball close to chest. Next Lunge and stick MB out in front of you. Then twist towards the leg in front.







Modified Side Plank:


-Start in modified plank position. Next lift top leg up keeping toes pointed forward.


*Be sure to keep hips tacked and do not leg toes turn up towards sky.





Modified Warrior III :ModifiedWarriorIIIFotor_Collage_Fotor

Stand on left leg with right shin resting on ball. Push right leg back while hinging from L hip, trunk should be almost parallel to floor. Squeeze glute to return to start.


Exercise Credit: Sherry McLaughlin , MSPT, OCS, CSCS

Monster Walks:


-Place Band around knees or ankles and get in a mini squat position. Next walk forward keeping feet wide apart.




Opp Leg/Arm Raises in Plank: 2014-03-23_13-52-23_143_Fotor

-Start in high plank position. Next lift opposite arm and leg up.




Plank with Weight Drag: PlankPlateDrag_Fotor

-Start in high plank position with wight off to side. Grab weight with opposite arm and drag across floor. Repeat on other side.





Push Ups:


-Start in high plank position with hand wider than shoulder width apart. Next drop down till nose almost touches the ground.






Renegade Row: Renegade Row_Fotor

-Start in high plank position with weights in both arms. Next lift up one arm to the row position. Repeat with other side.





Reverse Fly with Band:


-Anchor resistance band up high. Grab band and then open up like a T.


*Be sure to keep shoulders down do not let them hike up by ears.




Rotational Pec Stretch: 20160124_114240_Fotor_Collage_Fotor

-Start in sidelying position. Anchor bottom arm and knee and then open up top arm for stretch in pec.





Row with Resistance Band:



-Anchor band at elbow height. Grab on with arms extended. Next row back squeezing shoulder blades together. Keep elbows bent to 90 degrees and shoulders down.






Rows with Rotation: RowswithRotation_Fotor

-Start with band and elbow height. Place hands on band in overhand grip. Next Row back as you rotate to open up your chest.





Side Plank:


-Lay on side with arm underneath and feet stacked. Lift hips up.





Side Stepping with Band: SidesteppingWithBand_Fotor

-Place band around knees or ankles and side step keeping toes forward. Side step x 10 feet down and back.







Single Leg Bicep Curl:


-Stand on one leg with weights in both hands. Next curl arm up towards opposite shoulder.

*do not let hip drop, keep glutes engaged.






Single Leg Bridge: SingleLegBridge_Fotor

-Lay on your back with left knee bent and right straight. Squeeze your butt and lift both legs up keeping the right leg straight.







Single Leg Hip Hinge A. With Kickstand:


-Start with all weight in the front leg and other leg in kickstand behind. Place weight in opposite hand. Hinging from hip bend towards knee level with the weight. Squeeze glue to return to start position







Single Leg Hip Hinge B. No Kickstand:SingleLegHipHinge1_Fotor

-Start with all weight in the front leg and other behind. Place weight in opposite hand. Hinging from hip bend towards knee level with the weight. Squeeze glue to return to start position






Single Leg Push Ups:


-Get in high push up position and squeeze glute to lift leg open. Begin push ups.









Single Leg RDL to High Knee:


Stand on one leg with weight in opposite hand. Reach with weight down to opposite leg ankle level. Squeeze glute to return up and in to high knee with opposite leg. While arm goes above head.







Single Leg Runner Arms:


-Begin on single leg with weights in both arms. Bring arms back and forth as though running. Bring weights back as though elbowing someone behind you.

*do not let hip drop in single leg stance








Squat: SquatForm_Fotor

-Begin with feet shoulder width apart. Squat back as though you are sitting in a chair. Keep shoulders over heels and hinge from hips. Do not round back.






Squat with Medicine Ball Ext:SquatwithMBExt

-With medicine ball close to chest squat down and then extend out with arms. Return to standing position.








Star Reaches: Starreachhandout_Fotor

On single leg reach forward, side, and behind. While bending through knees and hips. Make sure knee does not collapse in.





Step Ups: Stepupfb_Fotor

-With weights in both arms place front leg on to step, lean shoulders over hip and come up to step position in to high knee. Repeat while keeping front leg on step.





SwissBall Walk Outs: SwissBallWalkOut_Fotor

-Begin in high plank position with ball under hips. Next walk out until ball is under ankles. Be sure not to let hips drop.





T’s on Ball:T'sonball

-Begin with weight in both hands and ball under hips. Next place arms in a T on floor then lift arms off floor. Be sure to squeeze shoulder blades and do not let shoulders hike up towards ears.





Walking Plank:


-Begin in forearm plank. Next push up with right hand then left hand to high plank position Then bring it back down to forearm plank.